March 13th-17th

To Parents and Students,

   What an amazing time Friday night!  It was so encouraging seeing students work for a cause.  We are coming down to the last 2 weeks of our service learning project.  Let’s finish strong.
Does your child have HW this week?  Yes
-Read for 20 minutes
-Discuss with you, the parent, their argument about Otzi.
-Watch CNN Student News.
Does your child have an assessment?  No.
What can you do to help your student this week?
-Read with them a review about a book they have read.  You can even have them write a review using sites like
-Talk to them about how their service learning experience.  
-Watch CNN Student News with them.  
-Discuss Otzi.
*Upcoming assessments:
-Next week we will have a debate about how Otzi died.  Your students will have to verbally practice how to support their claims/theory and refute other theories.  
-April 7th will be our Service Learning Celebration.  Each student and team will have to reflect on their learning during Think Global, Act Local. 

September 19th-23rd


     We are entering Week 8 of school and things are moving quickly.
Does your student have homework this week?  Yes!
-They are to read their 2nd chunk of their book and fill out their role sheet and summary. (Due on Wednesday)
-They are to watch/listen to the Giver on Youtube– Chapter 9, 10, 11, and 12.  Then they are to write a 1 sentence summary for each chapter. (Due on Wednesday)
-Finish their Noredink from last week (Compound and Complex sentences).  Most are done with this. (Due by Friday)
Does your student have an assessment this week?  Yes!
-The assessment is aligned with the homework.  They will haveBook Club on Wednesday, which is for a grade.
Table Topics:
-Watch CNN Student News together and discuss it.
-What type of government services does your country have?
-What country are you a citizen of?  What rights and responsibilities do you have as a citizen of that country?
-Ask your child about the different types of governments and economics systems.
-Ask your child about their book club book and what they have been learning. 
Parent Meetings this upcoming week:

Student Name



Manahil Fatima

Monday Sept 19th


Moe Matsuda

Monday Sept 19th


Tomotaka Shinozaki

Wednesday Sept 21st


Genildo Uando

Wednesday Sept 21st


Mohit Yadav

Thursday Sept 22nd


Totton Heffelfinger

Thursday Sept 22nd


Kota Fukuda

Friday Sept 23rd


Noor Syed

Friday Sept 23rd


September 14th-16th

To my parents and students,

I hope you are all planning on getting some time to relax this long weekend. I will be in Cebu, and will not be able to respond to emails as promptly as I would like, so please be patient.

Does your child have HW? Yes
1. Read the first quarter of their book for club book.
2. Fill out their weekly role sheet.
3. Write a summary of their chunk of reading.
4. Noredink (Commas, Lists and Phrases), when they have time. This is not due till the following Wednesday the 21st.

Does your child have an assessment? Yes
The book club information and discussion is for a grade.

What will be happening this week?
In English on Thursday, we will have our first book club. Be prepared. I will also be reading much of the Giver this week to catch up with the other classes.
In SS, we will inquire about various types of government and economic structures. We will also continue our “Media” research.

Table Topics:
-What is the book you choose for book club? Why did you choose that book?
-What are the five roles for book club and which is your favorite?
-Discuss what is happening in the Philippines with the new president. Watch CNN or a news source.
-What goals do you have for this school year?
-Have your child tell you about the book The Giver.

English and SS for Sept 5th-9th

To All,

   Do you have homework this week?  Yes
1. Read for 15-30 minutes a day
2. Do the compound and complex sentence quiz on Noredink.
Do you have an assessment this week?  No
This upcoming week:
English- We will be starting book club.  You will chose a book at your reading level to read during the week and come on Wednesday to discuss it with the group.
SS: You will be learning about government and economic structures.
Table Topics:
1. Discuss the type of government you have in your home country.
2. What are some reading strategies that you can use when reading?
3. How has it been going with yor teammates when working in a group?
4.  What goals do you have for this school year?
5.  What are 3 words you would use to describe yourself?

August 30th- Sept 2nd

To Parents and Students,

Do you have homework this week? Yes.

  1. Read for a minimum of 15 minutes a day.
  2. Complete the pronouns and capitalizations on
  3. Identify a small moment to write about and complete some sort of pre writing (Brainframe).

Do you have an assessment?  Yes.

You will have two class periods to write a small moment.  Here is the rubric that I will use to grade you with.

For Parents:  Here is the schedule of conferences this week.  Please remember to fill out the survey before coming to the conference.

Student Name Date Time
Sara Tuesday August 30th 2pm
Midori Wednesday August 31st 3:10-3:30
Roshni Sandhu Wednesday August 31st 3:35-3:55
Sarah Zhang Thursday Sept 1st 3:10-3:30
Aria Thursday Sept 1st 3:35-3:55
         Hana Friday Sept 2nd 3:10-3:30
Jenna Aly Friday Sept 2nd 3:35-3:55

Table Topics (For parents to ask their student):

  1. What Small Moment will you write about for the assessment?
  2. What area are you focusing on for your Service Project?
  3. How are you feeling about the people in your group?
  4. What areas of writing do you feel you are strong in and weak in?
  5. What are the steps to the Problem Solving Process?

English and SS for August 22nd-26th


     We have completed 2 1/2 weeks of school, and things are moving forward in a dynamic way!
Does your child have HW?  Yes.
1. He/She should be reading at least 15 minutes a day.
2. They should log into and take the quiz on ‘adjectives.’ If they want, they can also do other topics.
Do they have an assessment?  No.
Upcoming this week:
English:  We will be writing our small moment.
SS: Continue exploring service learning and global issues.
Table Topics:
-Parents, ask your student to tell them about the Tower of Straws project from school.
-Talk to your child about global issues in the world today.  Question:  What is the biggest issue facing our world today?
-What have you been reading and why?
-What small moment did you pick to write about and why is it important to you?  

August 8th-12th 2016


   I wanted to welcome you and your students to the 6th grade.  My name is Mr Benford, and I will be teaching your student this year in English and Social Studies. I will be sending out weekly emails with the essential information for English and Social Studies; such as Homework for the week, assessments for the week, or any additional information needed. Knowing that you are all very busy, they will be short and to the point.
This upcoming week:
-Read for 15 minutes everyday
-Make sure that you have all 5 things needed for class everyday
-Practice checking email daily
Topics for Upcoming Classes:
English: Small Moments in each student’s life
Social Studies: Collaboration and Problem Solving
Table Topics: 
(These are discussion questions you can ask around the dinner table that relate to English and SS)
-What book do you have for reading in English?
-Talk about the news and what is going on in the world.
-What is Social Studies?
-What does collaboration mean?
-What problems have you had so far this year, and how did you deal with them?
What is an exiting memory that you could write about?  

English and SS for May 16th-20th

Only 4 weeks left in the school year.  Wow!

What are we doing in class this week? Link to PPT
SS: We will research the biomes you chose in Science, identifying the problems and how they relate to the materials economy. 
English:  Write the body and conclusion to our script for the Genre Wheel Speech.
Due soon:
-The Genre Wheel Survey will be due in 2 weeks, Friday May 27th.
-Any make-ups or redos should be done this week.
-No assessments due this week.
What goals should you set for yourself?
-Finish your speech this week, in class.
-Enter all your books that you have read into Genre Wheel. 

English and SS for May 10th-13th

Happy Three Day Weekend!  

   I hope everyone has a great weekend relaxing.  Only 4 1/2 weeks left in school! A month.  Let’s see what is going on.
Do you have any assessments this week?  Yes.  You have a SS assessment on the stages of the Materials Economy. This will be Friday.  Just study the notes page we have been working on in class.  Complete these four tasks:
1. Identify the stages.
2. Define the stages.
3. Describe the stages or give examples.
4. List negative effects of the stages. 
Do you have homework?  Read, Read, Read.  You have three weeks left to complete Genre Wheel Surveys.  Also, study for the assessment on Friday.  
What else is coming up?
In two weeks you will be delivering your speech on your Genre Wheel Book.  
We will also continue to work on the Material Economy information.  Here are some videos you can watch on certain stages:
Mining in Extraction
I hope these help,

May 3rd-8th

 We are coming down to our last 5 1/2 weeks of school!  
Let’s get into it.  
What do we have coming up?
  • All those who have not done your Genre Wheel Conference will complete those this week.
  • We are finishing up our Current Events for the year as well.
  • All grades are entered except the research (K and U) for the Future Forecast in English.
  • No more redoes will be excepted for the assessments previously done.
  • Genre Wheel Surveys have been moved to the end of May.
How about in class?
  • For English we will be researching for our Genre Wheel Presentation.
  • For SS, we will be covering distribution, consumption, and disposal units.
What can you be doing this week to get ahead?
Add to your Genre Wheel Surveys.
Read!  Read!  Read!  But do this using the metacognitive strategies taught in class (infer, connections…)
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Advisory Circle

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6th Grade English

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6th Grade Social Studies

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