What an amazing first week of school!  We had fun trying to figure out which teacher was telling the truth, during out 6th Grade breakfast, then watched each teacher dance on stage in the FAT.  We learned about each other during our many Advisory Circles. We started generating ideas for English, and we started creating our Map of My World in Social Studies.  What a busy and full but exhilarating first week of school.  It is a good start to what the year has in store.

Each week I will post a PPT or a link to Google Presentation, on my blog, with all the activities and projects we will be doing in class.   It will give a brief overview of what is in store for each week, so there are no surprises.  If you ever have any questions, comments, or concerns please e-mail me at benfordt@ismanila.org.  Or if you want to just get a quick update on how things are going for you child, I would love to talk.  My door is always open.