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6th Grade SS and English (9/30 – 10/4)

Education Essential:  Book club roles are due on Wednesday (14 points).   Quiz (20 points) on parts of Speech on Wednesday (Benford Homebase) and Thursday   (Hamaguchi Homebase).   Current Events (25 points) for Alba, Jaree, Chris, and Soungill this Friday. MAP testing for Language Usage on Tuesday (Benford Homebase) and Wednesday (Hanaguchi Homebase) This Friday we will introduce the Performance task- "Society Project."  This will be a team project that will be worth a large Read full article »

6th Grade SS and English Week 7 (9/23-9/27)

CWW at Island Cove   Essentials: *MAP testing will be next week, for Reading, on Wednesday.  *Next Thursday and Friday we will be going to Island Cove for CWW. *No quizzes or tests in English or SS next week. *HW is to complete their second chunk of their novel and to fill out their role sheets. *Students took a government quiz today and they have been given Read full article »

6th Grade Social Studies and English for Week 6

*Essentials* *The Mapping Quiz is over. It will be graded and entered into Powerschool this weekend. *The Small Moment Writing was collected Monday and will be graded ASAP, then posted in Powerschool. Due this week: *Students are to read their first chunk of their Book Club book and fill out their sheet for the week. This is due by Wednesday Sept 18th. *We may Read full article »

Advisory Circle

This will provide you with information that is going on with Benford's Advisory Circle.

6th Grade English

Here you can find information about the 6+1 traits of writing or the types of books that we will be reading. Also you can find resources that will help you improve you testing skills.

6th Grade Social Studies

Social Studies is one of the most interesting classes in school. you get to study the most current topics with news report and videos, then travel back in time to ancient people and study the way they lived and died. You are engulfed in a whirlpool of information about amazing people, that will inspire you do do and be more.