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6th Grade English/SS for January 20th-24th

Novel Study!!!! Essentials: --Each student should be done reading their Novel Study book, and completed their summaries, favorite sentences, cause and effect sheet, and vocabulary words (C-Level Part 1). -This week students will have a conference with me about their novel.  They will have to answer random questions concerning their story. -This week the students should be working on the Five Elements of Fiction: Read full article »

6th Grade English/SS January 13th-17th

Essentials: -English Honors applications are due by Feb 3rd, to the MS office.  Remember that one of the criteria for getting accepted into English Honors is scoring a minimum of an A- in English. -Final Grades will be posted in Powerschool next Friday, and paper reports will follow. -Again the main focus for this week is reading.  Every student should be reading and working Read full article »

6th Grade English/SS for January 6th-10th

I hope that everyone had a restful vacation.  My family and I enjoyed the time off, and took advantage to recover and recuperate for the new semester.Thank you to everyone for the generous gifts during the holiday season.  My family and I are still enjoying some of the tasty treats that we were given. We are going to get started quickly, so here is what Read full article »

Advisory Circle

This will provide you with information that is going on with Benford's Advisory Circle.

6th Grade English

Here you can find information about the 6+1 traits of writing or the types of books that we will be reading. Also you can find resources that will help you improve you testing skills.

6th Grade Social Studies

Social Studies is one of the most interesting classes in school. you get to study the most current topics with news report and videos, then travel back in time to ancient people and study the way they lived and died. You are engulfed in a whirlpool of information about amazing people, that will inspire you do do and be more.