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6th Grade SS and English (Sept 29th-Oct 3rd)

After a successful CWW trip, we only have 2 weeks left in the quarter and 4 weeks till Fall break Essential: -Book Club due Wednesday: 3rd Chunk. -Parts of Speech Quiz on Friday. -We will begin our Society Project Monday of next week. -Current Events this week are: Lila, Nika, Leela and Mayako. Extra: -Please review with your child the parts of speech.  I will be sending home Read full article »

6th Grade SS and English for Sept 22nd-26th

Good Monday morning,     I hope everyone has had a safe and dry weekend, despite the typhoon day on Friday. This week is only a 3 day class week, then we are off to CWW for 2 days. Essential: -Book club chunk #2 is due Wednesday. -All grades have been entered and Powerschool is up to date with all assignments. -No tests or quizzes Read full article »

English and Social Studies Sept 8th-12th

Hello to all my hard working parents, Sorry it is late in coming, but I will get right into it! *Essential*:-Almost all students have turned in their Small Moment, which was due either Thursday or Friday of last week.  These grades will be entered as soon as possible. -This week you will see in Powerschool the first of four Learning Habits grades that your students will receive this semester.  It Read full article »

Advisory Circle

This will provide you with information that is going on with Benford's Advisory Circle.

6th Grade English

Here you can find information about the 6+1 traits of writing or the types of books that we will be reading. Also you can find resources that will help you improve you testing skills.

6th Grade Social Studies

Social Studies is one of the most interesting classes in school. you get to study the most current topics with news report and videos, then travel back in time to ancient people and study the way they lived and died. You are engulfed in a whirlpool of information about amazing people, that will inspire you do do and be more.