To all my hardworking students and their ever-helpful parents,

1. Due Monday (8/17) for Benford Homebase, and Tuesday (8/18) for Hamaguchi Homebase is your Map of My World project.  This is your first grade for Social Studies.
2. You (the student) should be reading a minimum of 15 minutes a night.  This should be in English and a grade level appropriate book.
English: We will be introducing Parts of Speech this upcoming week.  The three that will be introduced are: Verbs, Nouns and Adjectives.  This is more of a review from elementary school, but a good reminder and starting point for their writing.  Students will also begin writing their Small Moment.
For SS, students will complete their Map of My World Project.  At midweek, students will reflect on their learning by doing a gallery walk and a survey.  Towards the end of the week, students will be introduced to Current Events.  Each student will present a current event once a semester.
-I have linked the slideshow that I show the students on Mondays.  It contains all we will be doing for the week.
Table Topics:
1. What are some great memories that you and your child have spent together?
2. How are you (the student) feeling about your first full week of school?
3. How do you (the student) feel like you did on your Map of My World project?
4. How are your friendships going this year?  Have you made new friends?
5. Have you found a book you enjoy reading?