1.  No Assessments or assignments due (Except for those doing Current Events).
2. The first grade, Map of My World, has been entered into Gradebook.
3. Open-house is this Thursday.  A survey will be sent out by me, to see what topics you want me to cover. If you have an opinion, please reply.
We have completed the Map of My World project last week.  Students will receive their grade back on Monday.  They will also place a picture of their completed project into their Google Folders.
Students will begin this week writing a rough draft of their Small Moment.  This is a short moment in their life that has meaning.  I have also linked the presentation (The Week at a Glance) that I will be showing Monday, which outlines what will be covered throughout the week.
Table Topics:
1. What are the 8 Parts of Speech?
2. What did you learn about the world from the Map of My World Project?
3. Discuss a Current Event.
4. Have students share what they are writing about for their Small Moments.
5. Discuss Open House.  (Where to go, what to expect, who should you talk to…)