We are coming down to our last 5 1/2 weeks of school!  
Let’s get into it.  
What do we have coming up?
  • All those who have not done your Genre Wheel Conference will complete those this week.
  • We are finishing up our Current Events for the year as well.
  • All grades are entered except the research (K and U) for the Future Forecast in English.
  • No more redoes will be excepted for the assessments previously done.
  • Genre Wheel Surveys have been moved to the end of May.
How about in class?
  • For English we will be researching for our Genre Wheel Presentation.
  • For SS, we will be covering distribution, consumption, and disposal units.
What can you be doing this week to get ahead?
Add to your Genre Wheel Surveys.
Read!  Read!  Read!  But do this using the metacognitive strategies taught in class (infer, connections…)