Happy Three Day Weekend!  

   I hope everyone has a great weekend relaxing.  Only 4 1/2 weeks left in school! A month.  Let’s see what is going on.
Do you have any assessments this week?  Yes.  You have a SS assessment on the stages of the Materials Economy. This will be Friday.  Just study the notes page we have been working on in class.  Complete these four tasks:
1. Identify the stages.
2. Define the stages.
3. Describe the stages or give examples.
4. List negative effects of the stages. 
Do you have homework?  Read, Read, Read.  You have three weeks left to complete Genre Wheel Surveys.  Also, study for the assessment on Friday.  
What else is coming up?
In two weeks you will be delivering your speech on your Genre Wheel Book.  
We will also continue to work on the Material Economy information.  Here are some videos you can watch on certain stages:
Mining in Extraction
I hope these help,