To my parents and students,

I hope you are all planning on getting some time to relax this long weekend. I will be in Cebu, and will not be able to respond to emails as promptly as I would like, so please be patient.

Does your child have HW? Yes
1. Read the first quarter of their book for club book.
2. Fill out their weekly role sheet.
3. Write a summary of their chunk of reading.
4. Noredink (Commas, Lists and Phrases), when they have time. This is not due till the following Wednesday the 21st.

Does your child have an assessment? Yes
The book club information and discussion is for a grade.

What will be happening this week?
In English on Thursday, we will have our first book club. Be prepared. I will also be reading much of the Giver this week to catch up with the other classes.
In SS, we will inquire about various types of government and economic structures. We will also continue our “Media” research.

Table Topics:
-What is the book you choose for book club? Why did you choose that book?
-What are the five roles for book club and which is your favorite?
-Discuss what is happening in the Philippines with the new president. Watch CNN or a news source.
-What goals do you have for this school year?
-Have your child tell you about the book The Giver.