SS and English for April 18th-22nd

Hello All,

     Only 8 weeks left in the semester and the school year!  
Do you have any assessments?  Yes?  This Wednesday you will be presenting to a large crowd your Future Forecast Invention.  What is being assessed in two areas: your visuals and your verbal intro and conclusion.  

​No more class time will be given to work on this, so make sure you are communicating with your teammates.
Do you have homework?  If you wish, you can work on your Future Forecast project or your Genre Wheel reading.
What are we doing next week in class? 
 In SS, we will be starting our unit on the Materials Economy.  If you wan to get a head start you can watch this video that we will be analyzing over the next month.  
In English we will look at persuasive language and persuasive writing.
Have a great weekend.  

SS and English for April 11th-15th

Hello All,

      We are into our second week of the 4th quarter.  It is important that we all stay focused on finishing strong.
Do you have an assessment this week?  Yes…2.  
You have a SS assessment on the problem solving steps.  On Monday/Tuesday you will receive a review sheet to practice for the assessment on Friday. It will be short answer; four questions.
You also have your Genre Wheel Conferences this week.  I sent out the schedule on Thursday to everyone. Please be prepared.  There will be NO redos for this assessment due to time.  
Continue to work on your Genre Wheel Surveys.  The last day for this is April 28th, that is only 3 weeks away.  
What are we doing in class this upcoming week?
  We will be preparing for our presentations on the 20th.  This includes creating commercials, rehearsing, making a script, creating a product, or whatever is needed. 
Have a great weekend.  

March 14th-18th

Hello All,

  Did you miss me?  I’m back and looking forward to seeing all of your smiling faces again!  I heard from the other teachers that this week went well and that you began your Future Forecast.
Here’s what we have planned for this upcoming week:
Do you have an assessment?
You will have a sentence structure and dialogue quiz towards the end of the week.  
Current events are… Dylan, Megan, Olivia and Nic
Do you have HW?
Continue to read for the Genre Wheel and research your topic for the Future Forecast.
Extra “Stuff”…
Student Led Conferences are this Wednesday!!! You should be working on organizing your portfolios.   

6th Grade English and SS February 22nd -24th

 CWW is sadly over😢!  I hope everyone had a safe week and learned a lot.  I personally enjoyed the skits, raps, narratives, and other presentations done after Las Pinas.  We will be using these again later in the year for our Relationships Unit. Please load your pictures into Google Drive.  Just create a folder and share it with me.

Students, in order to get credit for reading this e-mail, you must fill out this survey by Monday 7am.  

This up and coming week:
It is a 3 day week- Yah!!!
I only see my Homebase 5 times and Hamaguchi 3 times.
Do you have an assessment due?
Do you have HW this week?
1. Genre Wheel (This will be talked about this week)
2. Short Story (If you want)
3. Otzi (If you want)
* You will have time in class to work on Otzi and your short story.
What are we doing this week?
  We will continue to work on Otzi and Short Stories.
Extra Info:
MAP testing is the following week-
Feb 29th (Benford)
March 1st (Hamaguchi)
March 2nd (Benford and Hamaguchi)
Due Dates:
Otzi is due March 2nd Wednesday.
Short Story is Due Friday March 4th.

February 15th-19th



6th Grade SS and English for Feb 9th-12th

Five weeks down, and time is flying by! I hope everyone enjoys their 3 day weekend, and takes some time to burn off some energy.  Please!

Do you have HW next week?
For English you should be reading and completing the survey for the genre wheel.  You should also work on your short story at home.  The rough draft will be due at the end of class on Thursday of next week.  
Nothing for SS.
Do you have any assessments due?
You will have an assessment on comparing and contrasting two non-fiction texts.  This will be on Wednesday.
Your rough draft is also due Thursday, but this is not for an achievement grade.  
What extra things can I do?
You can read over the articles I sent to you about Otzi.
You can read more books to add to the Genre Wheel.
You can talk with your parents about Otzi and see what they think.
Current Events this week are Angela, Sian, Aina and Hope.  

English and SS for January 18th-22nd

To all my wonderfully studious Learners,

  I have some fun planned for you this upcoming week. Here is thePresentation for all that we are covering.  One thing you will need is a full roll of toilet paper…don’t ask. No, really you do. 
Do you have HW this upcoming week?
English– Read everyday and make sure you fill out your survey after you are done with a book.  If you want to work on your character or setting posters you can do that too.  
SS– Study for your upcoming assessment on hominids and evolution the following week, January 27th.
Do you have an assessment?
No (unless you are doing current event)! 
Can you believe that you haven’t had an assessment in 3 weeks for SS or English!!!!!  Use your time wisely to prepare for when you do.
What extra work can you do?
I know some of you are asking “Who wants to know that?”  Well, there are those students who are eager to learn, so this is for you:
-Create notecards from your hominid information.
-Look on Goodreads for some book recommendations.
-Watch some videos on “evolution”
-Watch CNN Kids or read the news.
-Make Mr Benford a cool video about how awesome he is (totally optional).

SS and English January 11th-15th

    Welcome back students!  One week down, and …. left.  Last semester I would write to the parents, but this semester I will be writing to you, the students (But your parents will still be kept in the loop). I expect you to check your e-mail daily

Homework for this week:
1. Read for 20 minutes (Look through the genre wheel and continue to vary the types of books you read).  If you finish a book make sure that you use the survey that I sent you.
What assessments will I have this week?
-No assessments this week
-Current Events are Rebecca and Nicole.
What will we be doing in class?
SS: Watching “Walking With Cavemen” video, and filling out C Notes
English: We will start to create a character and setting for our own story.  
What can I do to get ahead?
-Look at the news daily to see what is going on in the world
-Look up information on early human history, fossils, or hominids.
-Think about a story line, plot, to write about.


6th Grade English and SS Dec 1st-4th

1. Cornerstone Writing Assessment on Tuesday and Wednesday next week.  This will be an expository writing assessment that will only be done in class.  This is a mid-year check on how well each student is doing in grasping the writing elements taught in class.
2. Due Friday: Plot and Character sheets are due.  Students should have already turned in their theme and setting assignments.
The Cornerstone assessment is one of the criteria used for English Honors next year.  It will be started in class on Tuesday, pre-writing and draft, then finished on Wednesday.  There will be no in-class help given to the students.  They will be assessed using this rubric.  All the tools taught in class are expected to be used.
How can you help you student?
1.  Give your student one of the following prompts and have them write an expository essay (pre-writing, draft, and final draft), then have them assess their writing using the rubric.  Provide feedback and have them correct their mistakes.
   -How does the setting of my Novel Study book affect the plot?
   -How is characterisation a key part of your Novel Study book?
   -How does the conflict of my Novel Study book affect the plot?

6th Grade SS and English for Nov 24th-27th

Due Monday (This was actually due last Friday, but I did not check):
1. All summaries
2. All Vocabulary
3. City Guide visuals
Due by Friday
1. Setting Poster with 3 quotes from the book and a paragraph on mood
2. Cause and Effect Sheet
3. Theme Sheet
4. Character Poster
5. Plot
  Next Tuesday, the 1st of December, students will start their Cornerstone.  This is a grade level writing assessment.  This will be used as a tool to evaluate your students writing skills up to this point.  It will be an expository essay.  Students will get 2 day to write it.  The first day is time for brainstorming and drafting, while the second day is for the final draft.  No notes, or extra assistance will be given.  I have been, and will continue to conference with students on their writing and ways to improve.  Linked here is a check list for students to use when writing expository text.
How can you help you student this week?
-Ask them about all of their assignments due this week.
-Have them bring home their writing and evaluate it.
-Have them go through the checklist and see where they think they are strong and where they think they are weak.


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