English and SS for Nov 17th-24th

Sorry for the late e-mail, but all that is due this week will be done in class.

-Have Novel Study book finished, along with the summaries and vocabulary sheets, by Friday.
  In class, students will be working on the visuals for their ‘Kid Visitors Guide.”  This will all be done in class and will be due Friday.
How can you help you child this week?
       Please ask your student about their novel.  Talking about such topics as theme of their book, setting, character, and some conflicts that the character faces, would help them in their comprehension of the novels.


SS and English November 10th-14th


Quiz next Friday on Absolute and Relative location (Coordinates).  Students havenot learned about this yet; it will be introduced next week.
Homework: Read your Novel Study book everyday.
-Novel Study: By Nov the 18th By Monday night, each student should have read 4 chunks and completed 4 summaries.  By next Friday (13th) night, students should have completed a total of 7 chunks and 7 summaries. Then by Wednesday the 20th, they should be done with the book, and all of the summaries. The vocabulary should be found as the student is reading through the book, and done once the book is finished.
-Kid Visitors’ Guide: This week we completed one paragraph on how their city’s human-made features have affected the environment.  Next week each student will write about the migration of people to their city and the demographics today.  We will also learn about absolute and relative locations.
Special Note:
**This holiday season, I would like to highly recommend buying a computer for your child.  It is an expectation that students have their own computer for 7th grade, so now is a good time for students to get used to having one at school.  I would only recommend this if you think your child is responsible enough.    The school recommends the MacBook Air (which is about $900-$1000 USD), but any computer will do. This is just a recommendation, and not a requirement this year. But it would help your students be more productive in class.


English and SS Nov 3rd-6th

I hope everyone had a relaxing break.  Sorry so late this week, but I spent a week in Siem Reap with the family.  asia26

Wednesday we will be choosing a book for our next Novel Study.  This can be any book, as long as it is the student’s reading level and the student hasn’t read it.  You can buy this book on your own, or get it from the MSMC.
Quiz on the countries in Asia (this includes the Middle East) on Friday.  The map that was handed out in class will be the map that is used for the quiz.
HW-Chose an appropriate leveled novel that your student hasn’t read by Wednesday.
-Student will be choosing a city from anywhere in the world to research for the next project.  They will be studying the people who live there, how they got there, and human made features.  This project will last 3 weeks.  This will all be done in class, and they will have no homework for this.  This week, they will write a paragraph on the human-made features of their city. Next week will be human migration and demographics.  Next week, we will also introduce Absolute and Relative Location, with a quiz on Friday.   The final week will be a visual creation of the guide.
-On Wednesday, we will introduce the Novel Study.  For this, students will have to read a book at their level and analyze the parts of the book.  They will start reading this week. This is for HW and only a small amount of time in class will be given to this.  They will have three weeks to read the book and then they will be introduced to tools on how to analyze it.
How can you, the parent, be involved with your student’s learning this week?
-Help your student choose an appropriate book for the Novel Study.  This must be at their reading level.
-As your student to write a paragraph about break; then read over it with them.
-Help your student look for 3-5 cities that they would like to research.  Every student must choose their own city, and no two students can choose the same city.
-Quiz your child on the countries in Asia and the Middle East (Especially the ‘stan’ countries).


Oct 19th-23rd English and SS

Article-2b-0713As predicted, we are coming to a pressure point in the quarter.  Students are working hard, but they feel the pressure to perform.  I would like to help you, help them relieve some stress.
1. Wednesday is the ‘short answer’ written assessment for the Society Project.  Here are the questions:
     What are your 3 core values?  
     How do your core value match your educational  system?  
     How do your core values match your government structure?  
     Why did you pick that form of government over another? 
    How do their citizens affect their government?  
    How do your core values affect your culture?
2. The Displays are due Thursday.  A letter has been sent out to invite you to come judge the most viable society.  This simple means you walk around, look at the displays, and ask questions.
3. The essay is due Friday.  This will be done in class as long as students stay on task and work on it when given the time.  This does not need to be printed out.  
*How can you help your student?*
1. Make sure they can answer the questions, from above, with depth and details.
2. Help them buy the materials needed for the display, and if necessary, find a place to meet with other students.  I can not provide contact information for other parents (sorry).  
3.  Help them manage their time and their emotions wisely.  This is a time when students need to learn to be patient, optimistic, solution oriented, and use skills in working with others.
4. Here is a check list of what is needed for the displays.
*Please be patient with your students.  This can be very stressful for you, as a parent, to watch your child struggle through this.  This is growth, and it is at times painful.  Our job is not to take away the work or the stress, but teach our students how to manage it.  
I hope this helps.  Please e-mail me with any questions.  I will be around throughout the weekend.  

English and SS for October 5th-9th



1. On Thursday there will be a Metacognitive Strategies (Book Club) Assessment. Students have been given the 6 short stories that will be part of the assessment (They have been linked to this e-mail).

2. Reading MAP Testing is on Wednesday.

Extra: Student will be placed in their Society Project groups this week. They will begin their 3 week long process of creating their own society. They will be working together with other students, so this can be a stressful time for them. They will also be writing an essay about a portion of their society: Education, Mapping, Culture, and Government.

What can you, as a parent, do to help your student?

1. Go over the metacognitive strategies with them.

2. Make sure they have picked one of the short stories and have read it several times.

3. Ask them how they can create a great team collaboration with their society group.

4. Ask them about their ideas for their society.

SS and English Sept 21st-23rd

1. 3rd Chunk of Book Club is due by Wednesday.  You should have read the 3rd portion of your book, and filled in both sides of your role sheets.
2. No quizzes or assessments, other than Book Club.
3. No school Thursday and Friday.
*Benford’s Redo Policy: Students have 2 weeks from the time your paper has been handed back to do redos.  A parent signature is required. You can redo anything that you have been assessed on.
How can you, as a parent, help your student this week?
-Make sure they are reading their Book Club book every night.
-Check their role sheet (a colored two sided sheet) to see if it is complete.
-Ask them questions about their book
        -Who is the main character?
        -What challenges has your character/s faced?
        -Can you tell be about the four roles you have to do for Book Club.
-Check to see how they did on their Government and Parts of Speech quiz, and see if they think they need to  do a redo.
*Ask them how they are feeling about their time at Island Cove.  (Don’t settle for “It was OK” or “It was good”)
I hope these help.

6th Grade SS and English (Sept 14th-17th)

Happy Friday!

    Next island-cove-5week is the ever anticipated CWW over night trip to Island Cove.  But before we get there we have three days of class work to complete.
Monday, the 14th, is the Government Quiz.
Wednesday is Book Club #2.  The second chunk of their book should be read, along with their role sheet completed.
Wednesday is the Parts of Speech Quiz.
For Social Studies, students can prepare for the Government Quiz by studying the terms given in class (Democracy, Absolute Monarchy, Constitutional Monarchy, Dictatorship, Theocracy, Transitional Government, Capitalism, Communism, and Socialism.). Along with knowing these terms, students should be able to identify countries that have these governments or economic systems. We will begin studying Citizenship next week as well.  Some key words are citizen, right, and responsibilities.  For English, we will have our second Book Club.  The first one went superbly!  Students should read their second chunk and complete their next role along with the summary.  This will be due Wednesday.  We will also have a quiz on the eight Parts of Speech (pronouns, verbs, nouns, adverbs, adjectives, prepositions, interjections, and conjunctions).  You can watch videos on these with a simple search of ‘Parts of Speech’.  The quiz will consist of a passage from a story and students must identify the various Parts of Speech in it.
Table Topics:
1. Who did you pick to room with you at CWW?
2. What are some questions you have about governments?
3. If you were to create your own government, which form would you choose, and why?
4.  Can you name all 8 Parts of Speech and give examples?

6th Grade English and SS Sept 7th-11th

Thank you all for your patience. I was out sick Friday, and I am making a speedy recovery.

1.  The students will be turning in their Small Moment writing on Monday.  This is their first grade in English. I made comments on their papers.
2. Your student has two grades in SS thus far: Map of My World and Mapping Quiz.
3.  Book club starts this week on Thursday and students should be reading their first chunk (1/4 of their book).  Homework is reading every night.
4. A list of books that we use in the 6th grade is linked here.  These are just a few of the fantastic books your students can read.  There isn’t a book that we will be specifically reading as a class, other than the Giver as a read aloud, because the students will be choosing books based on their reading level.
parts of speech
  In English we are covering a lot: Book Club, Parts of Speech, and writing of our Small Moment.  You can help by looking over your student’s Small Moment and giving suggestions.  As far as Book Club, you can read along with them and ask them questions about what they read.  We will have a Parts of Speech Quiz next week.  To review for this, there are several videos on youtube that will help with comprehension.
  In SS we just finished our mapping section and will be covering governments this next week.  This section is challenging for several students, due to the higher level vocabulary associated with it.  Please review the terms at home.  Your student should have a worksheet in their black folder with government and economic terms on it.
     *  I am working on a Google Folder for each student where I place comments on their learning.  I will send each parent a link to this.  Again, if you do not have a Google account you will not be able to view it.
Table Topics:
1. What type of government do you have in your country? (For the Parents)
2. What are the 8 Parts of Speech?
3. What is going on in the world today?
4. As a family take out a map of your home town and show your students where you grew up.

6th Grade SS and English for Sept 1st-4th

teaching-wordle1Thank you to all who showed up for the Open House last night.  It was great to meet you, and I look forward to working as a team to help build our students this year.  I will continue to seek a way to communicate more effectively about your students’ progress.  Next weeks Presentation. Here is the plan for next week:

1. No school Monday 
2. **On Wednesday, September 2nd, there will be a mapping quiz. 
3. **On Thursday, the 3rd, the final draft of the Small Moment is due.
In Social Studies, students will continue learning about map types and map parts.  They will also identify physical features and understand Relative and Absolute location on a map.  This will help them in their final summative assessment where they will create their own society with a map, government system, and educational system. You can help your student by reviewing the terms given in class.  
   In English, students will continue to learn about the eight Parts of Speech.  They will have a quiz in two weeks on these.  They will also focus on the two elements of the Six Traits of Writing: Ideas and Word Choice.  This is a class assignment and has been worked on daily.  You can help your child by reading through it on Google Drive and giving suggestions.
Table Topics:
1. What are the 8 Parts of Speech?
2. Tell me about the parts of a map.
3.  What are some types of maps?
4. What is going on in the news?
5. Tell your child how Open House went.


6th Grade SS/English for August 24th-28th

1.  No Assessments or assignments due (Except for those doing Current Events).
2. The first grade, Map of My World, has been entered into Gradebook.
3. Open-house is this Thursday.  A survey will be sent out by me, to see what topics you want me to cover. If you have an opinion, please reply.
We have completed the Map of My World project last week.  Students will receive their grade back on Monday.  They will also place a picture of their completed project into their Google Folders.
Students will begin this week writing a rough draft of their Small Moment.  This is a short moment in their life that has meaning.  I have also linked the presentation (The Week at a Glance) that I will be showing Monday, which outlines what will be covered throughout the week.
Table Topics:
1. What are the 8 Parts of Speech?
2. What did you learn about the world from the Map of My World Project?
3. Discuss a Current Event.
4. Have students share what they are writing about for their Small Moments.
5. Discuss Open House.  (Where to go, what to expect, who should you talk to…)


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Advisory Circle

This will provide you with information that is going on with Benford's Advisory Circle.

6th Grade English

Here you can find information about the 6+1 traits of writing or the types of books that we will be reading. Also you can find resources that will help you improve you testing skills.

6th Grade Social Studies

Social Studies is one of the most interesting classes in school. you get to study the most current topics with news report and videos, then travel back in time to ancient people and study the way they lived and died. You are engulfed in a whirlpool of information about amazing people, that will inspire you do do and be more.