English and SS for August 17th-20th


To all my hardworking students and their ever-helpful parents,

1. Due Monday (8/17) for Benford Homebase, and Tuesday (8/18) for Hamaguchi Homebase is your Map of My World project.  This is your first grade for Social Studies.
2. You (the student) should be reading a minimum of 15 minutes a night.  This should be in English and a grade level appropriate book.
English: We will be introducing Parts of Speech this upcoming week.  The three that will be introduced are: Verbs, Nouns and Adjectives.  This is more of a review from elementary school, but a good reminder and starting point for their writing.  Students will also begin writing their Small Moment.
For SS, students will complete their Map of My World Project.  At midweek, students will reflect on their learning by doing a gallery walk and a survey.  Towards the end of the week, students will be introduced to Current Events.  Each student will present a current event once a semester.
-I have linked the slideshow that I show the students on Mondays.  It contains all we will be doing for the week.
Table Topics:
1. What are some great memories that you and your child have spent together?
2. How are you (the student) feeling about your first full week of school?
3. How do you (the student) feel like you did on your Map of My World project?
4. How are your friendships going this year?  Have you made new friends?
5. Have you found a book you enjoy reading?

Welcome to 6th Grade!



     As your son or daughter’s sixth grade teacher, I wanted to extend a warm welcome.  My name is Tim Benford and I will be teaching your child in Social Studies and English this year.
     The first two days have been exciting for most and a little scary for others.  It may take some time for students to settle into the regular schedule again, but we are going to do our best to help them along.  I will be communicating with you most weeks about what will be occurring in class.  I know that you are busy people, so I try to make the e-mails as brief and succinct as possible.  This will probably be the most wordy of the e-mails you receive this year.
    I have attached the English/SS newsletter for you to look through.  You can e-mail me with any questions, or save them for the open house on August 27th.
Essential Info:
-Get all the supplies needed for class.
-In SS this week, we will start our Map of My World Project.  This will be due next Monday.
-In English we will start writing small moments from our lives.
Extra Info:
-My classroom number is 2027, and you are welcome to stop by to talk any time.  It would be best to set an appointment, but you are always welcome in my class.
-My blog will only be copies of what you will receive by e-mail.  Over the years of teaching here at ISM, parents have acknowledged that e-mail is the best mode of communication.
-Open House is August 27th
Table Topics:
Discuss what areas of the world that you have lived in, visited, or what to visit.
Discuss important memories that your child has had throughout their lives (first bike, baby brother/sister being born, first sleep over, first time moving…).
Q- What was your favorite part of the first week?
Q- Which teacher’s class did you enjoy the most?
Q-What books do you think you want to read this year?

6th Grade English and SS

I have linked the weekly presentation that I show the kids at the beginning of every week so that they know what is going on in English and SS.  They are to copy it down in their planner. This will help you see the pacing that happens in the class.
-Quiz on Absolute and Relative Location on Friday.  This is a new topic that will be taught this week.  It deals with directions and coordinates on the globe.
-All students should have four paragraphs written on their Visitors’ Guide (human-made features, natural features, human migration and population).
-Current Events this week are Dan, Anna, Elena and Gabie.
-Genre Wheel is on-going.  Again the challenge is to read 12 books before Spring Break.
-MAP Testing is Tuesday and Wednesday of this week and next week.
-Students should be reading at least 1/2 hour everyday.  The goal is for students to read as many books from different genres as possible.  They have the whole month of March.
-MAP testing will take place in the classroom this year, for the 1st time.
Table Topics:
What books have you read for Genre Wheel?
What current events have you been learning about in school?
Tell me something about the city you are researching for the Visitors’ Guide.
Tell me about the 12 different genes you can choose from for Genre Wheel.
(Late in the week) What is Absolute and Relative Location?

Genre Wheel and Kids Visitors’ Guide

     We have completed the Novel Study and started a new project for English and Social Studies; The Kids Visitors’ Guide.  We have also started our Genre Wheel.
-Students have started researching and writing their Kids Visitors’ Guide for a city of their choosing. Last week all students wrote one paragraph on their city’s Physical Features.  This week they will write two more: Human-Made Features and Demographics.  Feel free to check their writing in their Google Folders.
-Students started reading for the Gene Wheel.  This is where they can chose any 12 books that fall into the genres listed in the wheel. So students should be reading every night, at least 1/2 hour.  This should be fun for them, since they get to pick the books they want to read.
-The next topic to write about is migration of people to their city.  This will be the toughest topic for them to write.  Students can work ahead and start on the research and writing now, which would give them a head start.
-After reading a book, students should be taking notes on a note card.  They can use this when they interview with me about their book
Table Topics:
What books have you chosen for Genre Wheel?
Which city did you choose for the Kids Visitors’ Guide?
Which was your favorite trip during CWW?
What are some Human Made features in your city?
If you could go anywhere in Asia where would you go, and why?

January 12th-16th

The first week went by extremely well.  All the students came back refreshed and ready to learn.



-Students should be reading their books and completing all the paperwork that goes along with the Novel Study.

-Next week they will conference with me about their book.

-Students should be studying Asian geography.  I sent them links to use to study.



-Report cards come out next week.  Again, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

-The Novel Study will continue till February 6th.  The students have several tasks that they must complete for this assessment.  Here is the link to the outline of the project.  Students only get 1 redo, and it must be completed before February 6th.


Table Topics:

-These are some of the questions I will be asking during the conference:

  • Did you like this book? Why or why not? Who would you recommend this book to? Why?
  • What was your favorite part of the book? Why? What was the climax?
  • What kind of connections did you make?
  • Which parts were easy to visualize? Why?
  • What was the setting? What evidence is there to support that?
  • Were you satisfied with the resolution? Why or why not?
  • What was the author’s message/ theme?
  • What type of things are you recording on your post its?
  • Describe the main character? Would they be a friend of yours? Why/ why not?
  • What does (vocab word) mean? Can you use it in a sentence to show its meaning?
  • Have you found any examples of figurative language?

6th Grade SS/English for October 7th-10th

*Essential:* -4th chunk of reading and role sheet due by Wednesday. This is the last week for Book Club. -Current Events are due for Bettina, Christie, Victor and Min Gyeoum. -MAP testing for Language Usage will be this week.


*Extra:* Students will be put into teams this week for their Society Project Performance Task. They will be working in teams of 4 or 5. They will create a society based on what has been taught in class: government, education, mapping and others. Each student will write an expository essay on one of the topics. They will also create a map of the society and a display with all the information about their society. They will present these displays on Thursday the 23rd. For English, students should have finished their book and be working on their final role sheet. They will be practicing expository writing, and doing a book review of their book.


*Questions for Discussion:* -What would you rank your book you read for book club? Why? -What is the difference between Expository writing and Narrative? – What current events are you learning about in Social Studies? -Which part of the Society Project are you looking forward to writing about? -How did you do on MAP Testing for Reading?

6th Grade SS and English (Sept 29th-Oct 3rd)

After a successful CWW trip, we only have 2 weeks left in the quarter and 4 weeks till Fall break

-Book Club due Wednesday: 3rd Chunk.
-Parts of Speech Quiz on Friday.
-We will begin our Society Prparts of speechoject Monday of next week.
-Current Events this week are: Lila, Nika, Leela and Mayako.
-Please review with your child the parts of speech.  I will be sending home practice sheets that will not be due for a grade, but helpful to use as study tools.
-Continue to make sure your student is reading every night, to ensure that they are completing their Book Club Work.

6th Grade SS and English for Sept 22nd-26th

Good Monday morning,

    I hope everyone has had a safe and dry weekend, despite the typhoon day on Friday. This week is only a 3 day class week, then we are off to CWW for 2 days.
-Book club chunk #2 is due Wednesday.
-All grades have been entered and Powerschool is up to date with all assignments.
-No tests or quizzes this week.
-CWW is Thursday and Friday of this week.
-For CWW, we will leave Thursday morning from school, and return at the end of school Friday.  Island Cove isn’t far away, maybe an hour without traffic, and it is one of the most memorable times of the year for the students.

​ -Students are to read their 2nd chunk for Book Club, and complete their role sheet.  Last week each student did very well.
-In Social Studies, we will be discussing Rights and Responsibilities as citizens.
Table Topics:
1. Discuss the rights and responsibilities of your home country.
2. What part of CWW are they looking forward to the most?  What part did they like the most (after CWW)?
3. Name the parts of speech and give examples of both.
4.  What was your best part of writing your small moment, and what is an area you can work on?
5.  What is your favorite movie that was first a book?  Have you read the book?


English and Social Studies Sept 8th-12th

Hello to all my hard working parents,

Sorry it is late in coming, but I will get right into it!

-Almost all students have turned in their Small Moment, which was due
either Thursday or Friday of last week.  These grades will be entered as
soon as possible.

-This week you will see in Powerschool the first of four Learning Habits
grades that your students will receive this semester.  It will be entered
as a formative assessment (not for a grade) in order for all involved to
monitor the student’s Learning Habits throughout the semester. When the
semester is over, all the scores will be evaluated and looked at, over the
course of time, and then it will be entered as a summative assessment (for
a grade).

-There will be a Mapping Quiz this Monday (Benford) or Tuesday (Hamaguchi).

Emerald-Atlas-Cover (1)-Book Club starts this week.

-We have an assembly on Monday for Michael Thompson, a guest speaker.

-Dan and Cinta have Current Events this week.

-The Mapping Quiz will cover; map types, parts of maps, absolute and
relative location, and physical features.  All of these have been covered
in class and each student has notes to study.  They have also been given
extra practice sheets on Friday to use as study material.

-Once your student’s Small Moments have been graded, it will give me a
better understanding on where each individual student stands, in regards to
their writing.  I will then conference with them, to give them feedback on
their papers.

-Book Club starts this week, which means students will shift their focus in
English from writing to reading.  They will choose a book this week, based
on their reading level, and begin to study their text.  This will also give
me a good gauge on how each student is progressing in reading.

*Table Topics:*
1. What reading level do you think you are (1 lowest-4 highest) and why?
2. How do you think you did on your Small Moment?  What was your favorite
part of writing the story?

Birthday Fun!!!!!

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Advisory Circle

This will provide you with information that is going on with Benford's Advisory Circle.

6th Grade English

Here you can find information about the 6+1 traits of writing or the types of books that we will be reading. Also you can find resources that will help you improve you testing skills.

6th Grade Social Studies

Social Studies is one of the most interesting classes in school. you get to study the most current topics with news report and videos, then travel back in time to ancient people and study the way they lived and died. You are engulfed in a whirlpool of information about amazing people, that will inspire you do do and be more.